PlaidFox Picks

Good quality furniture has often been overpriced and accessible to few in the past. Canadian customers have especially suffered paying high shipping costs and import duties on everything they purchase. 

But I have some exciting news! 

There is an online shop offering the latest furniture, lighting, rugs, art and decor at 30-60% off the suggested retail price AND they offer free shipping to both Canada and the US! Everyone meet PlaidFox, PlaidFox meet everyone. 

Now that you're properly acquainted here is a little more about PlaidFox. They strive to offer the best of the home design industry acquired through wholesale partnerships with companies throughout North America. Many of these products have never been seen in the Canadian market and definitely not at these prices. They offer one-of-a-kind items including original pieces of art from up-and-coming talent, limited run hand-made furniture and decor from respected craft-makers and globally acquired pieces and curiosities from various buying trips around the globe. If you think it's good now just you wait! There is so much more to come from this young company with plans to launch their own lines and new products being added every week! 

Guess what else!? 

You can now shop all of PlaidFox's amazing products directly on my site. I will be sharing my 'PlaidFox Picks' every week so that you can easily shop my style and effortlessly put rooms together just as I would! 

Want to get even better deals?

Let's work together to curate a home just for you! I'll share my trade discounts and you will save even more! Contact me here to set up a meeting and let's get started! 

Another fun thing you can do is take the PlaidFox 'Style Test' to help you narrow down the products you might be looking for. 

Click Here to Take the Style Test!

I got Mid-Century Modern and Urban Industrial.....What about you? I would say that's pretty accurate but would narrow it down a little further to say my personal style is Scandinavian Modern. 

Without further adieu, here is my first edition of PlaidFox Picks! This one has everything you need for a stylish monochromatic living and dining room! This concept illustrates my personal style mixing modern and vintage, with a focus on texture and pattern and a lot of mixed neutrals! Check the links corresponding with the letters below to shop all of my picks! 

A. Living Room Accent Chair - Florencia Accent Chair in Dark Grey - $1094 CAD - Shop Here. 

B. Decorative Pillow for the Florencia Accent Chair - $88 CAD - Shop Here. 

C. Decorative Pillow for the Living Room Sofa - Ashford Pillow - $88 CAD - Shop Here. 

D. Living Room Floor Lamp - Montevideo Floor Lamp - $780 CAD - Shop Here. * Update: As I was working on this post this floor lamp sold out. If you love it, you can wait for it to come back in stock or check out these alternates. 1. Friona Floor Lamp 2. Holmes Floor Lamp. 

E. Living Room Side Table - Oldham Side Table - $425 CAD - Shop Here. 

F. Sheepskin to drape over the Timpson Accent Chair - Arona Sheepskin in Black - $125 CAD - Shop Here. 

G. Living Room Accent Chair - Timpson Accent Chair - $663 CAD - Shop Here.

H. Decorative Cushion for the Living Room Sofa - Bickford Pillow - $88 CAD - Shop Here. 

I. Decorative Mirror for the Living Room. Combine a few to make an interesting pattern! - Bayham Mirror - $200 CAD - Shop Here. 

J. Decorative Cushion for the Living Room Sofa - Lakeshore Pillow - $50 CAD - Shop Here.

K. Accent Living Room Stool/Side Table - Buckner Stool - $700 CAD - Shop Here. 

L. Living Room Coffee Table - Jimo Coffee Table in Black - $900 CAD - Shop Here.

M. Living Room Rug - Jurupa Hide - $794 CAD - Shop Here.

N. Living Room Sofa - Shrewsbury Sofa - $7625 CAD - Shop Here. 

O. Decorative Cushion for the Living Room Sofa - Agira Pillow - $88 CAD - Shop Here. 

P. Dining Chairs for Sides of the Table ( You will need 4) - Kuwana Dining Chair in Black - $150 CAD - Shop Here. 

Q. Dining Room Pendant - Sidney Pendant - $1263 CAD - Shop Here. 

R. Dining Room Clock - Pinellas Clock - $140 - Shop Here. 

S. Dining Table - Kimbrough Dining Table - $4206 CAD - Shop Here.

T. Dining Chairs for End of Dining Table (You will need 2) - Collingdale Accent Chair - $831 CAD - Shop Here.