I feel truly lucky to be married to a talented photographer who can not only shoot my spaces, but fill them with magnificent artwork. Levi Groeneveld started his career fuelled by a passion for travel photography which eventually led to doing interiors and architectural photography in Vancouver where there is no shortage of beautiful spaces to shoot. Along the way he has developed a wonderful collection of abstracts and landscapes that are the beginnings of his fine art collection. As we are moving to Paris in August, Levi is taking the opportunity to develop this collection while continuing to hone his interiors and architecture skills. I look forward to all of the new work that will be created this year as we travel the globe! 

All of Levi's photographs are available for purchase and can be made with custom finishes and sizes. Everything can be shipped worldwide. Check out his website and blog for continuous updates to his collection. 

Check out a few of my favourites below, and stay tuned for future collaborations soon! 


Contact Levi at for any details! 


Lately I have been thinking about top design cities around the world and I can visit them as soon as possible.  I found it fascinating to look through projects from the top 10 design cities around the world (as deemed by numerous sources) and try to pick out a general aesthetic that defines each city.  The results had me moving Tokyo and Cape Town to the top of my travel list! I was really amazed with how well the design reflects what I imagine (and in some cases know) the culture, city, and people to be like. So far I've been to London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Barcelona, and Toronto. 6/10! Not bad! As for the other 4, let's just say they are on the bucket list! I hope you enjoy taking a look at the different aesthetics from the cities where good design is born, valued, and preserved......A.K.A the best places on earth! 

xox Bryony