Check out the latest concept I've been working on for my website! I'm putting together three small residential concepts based on real floor plans from around Vancouver. I hope to specialize in stylish and unique, but often small, metro dwellings that require excellent functionality moving forward, so these will illustrate what I can offer clients looking for just that! 

For this two bedroom apartment, I'm working with high contrast neutrals, warm woods, cozy textures and abstract art to create a look that would appeal to both men and women. The kids room was created with a little girl in mind but with a few small changes it could work for either gender! I ADORE designing kids rooms! 

Stay tuned for more developments on these concepts!

XO Bryony





How to Decorate a Small Space for Christmas

The holiday season is upon us! Bells are ringing, children signing, all is merry and bright.....and all that jazz! This post is for anyone hoping to dress up their small space for the holidays! 

1. Go Natural

Use natural items like greenery, berries, and pinecones to fill existing vases or bowls! Add a little greenery to the top of a table or the mantle of your fireplace! The perfect thing about these items is that they are long lasting (Think the month of December) and disposable after the holidays are over. If you're on a tight budget, you might even be able to collect a few of these items from the great outdoors! Go for a hike and see what you can find! 

Decorating for Christmas is a fun tradition! If you're living in a small space you may not have a lot of room to store decorations throughout the year. You also don't want to go overboard in small quarters or you might reduce the functionality of your space and feel overwhelmed by the extra clutter. Here are some simple tips for getting your small space festive! 

6. Get a Mini Tree!

Don't have the space for a full sized tree? Why not get a mini one instead? Many florists and nurseries carry real mini trees at this time of year and the best part is you can probably plant it somewhere after the holiday season! Make a mini sized garland and some mini paper snowflakes to hang on the branches. You can even get a set of mini twinkle lights! 

2. Make it Smell like Christmas! 

Scents have the ability to bring back good memories and improve well being. Every time I smell cloves I am reminded of the joy of opening up the Christmas chest to decorate our house as a kid (We always had a basket of pomanders in there). You can make your house smell great by brewing your own pot of Christmas potpourri on the stove (Any mix of cinnamon sticks, oranges, pine trees, and cranberries), by burning or diffusing essential oils like fir, pine, or cloves, or by burning holiday scented candles! The great part about these suggestions is that they can all be used up throughout the holiday season and they don't take up a lot of space! 

3. Candles.....Lot's of Candles! 

Candles are great for adding extra light on dark days and setting a cozy mood! They can fit on to any surface and will be used up by the time the season is through. If you're on a budget, grab candles from the dollar store and put them in existing jars, glasses, or on a serving tray!

4. Make your own Garland!

Garlands can be simple to make, cheap and disposable! Make it fun and get crafty! You could collect pinecones from outside, or cut snowflakes and stars out of printer paper and thread them on a string! The possibilities are endless but be sure to keep it simple for the best results! 

5. Get Cozy!

Make some space on the couch! A chunky wool or (faux) fur blanket is the best way to add warmth and texture to your decor. I personally love having them around all year long but they are especially nice to have during the holidays! 

Who's excited to start decorating?! December first is right around the corner! Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season full of family, friends.......and miniature Christmas trees! 

Please visit my Pinterest page here for the sources to all images and more fun decorating ideas!