Lately I have been thinking about top design cities around the world and I can visit them as soon as possible.  I found it fascinating to look through projects from the top 10 design cities around the world (as deemed by numerous sources) and try to pick out a general aesthetic that defines each city.  The results had me moving Tokyo and Cape Town to the top of my travel list! I was really amazed with how well the design reflects what I imagine (and in some cases know) the culture, city, and people to be like. So far I've been to London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Barcelona, and Toronto. 6/10! Not bad! As for the other 4, let's just say they are on the bucket list! I hope you enjoy taking a look at the different aesthetics from the cities where good design is born, valued, and preserved......A.K.A the best places on earth! 

xox Bryony